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The Mamas and the Papas was an American folk rock vocal group which recorded and performed from 1965 to 1968. The group was a defining force in the music scene of the counterculture of the 1960s. The group was composed of John Phillips, Denny Doherty, Cass Elliot, and Michelle Phillips (born Holly Gilliam). Their sound was based on vocal harmonies arranged by John Phillips, the songwriter, musician, and leader of the group who adapted folk to the new beat style of the early 1960s.

User "tonybosss" reviews a compilatory album by The Mamas and the Papas on "Amazon" website on September 8, 2007:

"Funny, I read the one other (very negative) review listed for this item, but I still went ahead and purchased, as I was curious to hear this incarnation of the group butcher several numbers that weren't available on their previous "California Dreamin" live compilation. The tracklisting that Amazon lists is almost totally incorrect. This IS the same compilation as that terrible live album recorded in Florida in the late '90s with John Phillips, Scott McKenzie, Lisa Brescia, and Deb Lyons. The other reviewer is correct in stating that the cover and insert photo (which has the Mamas "Spanky McFarland and MacKenzie Phillips) is misleading, as Spanky and MacKenzie are nowhere to be found on this sonic disaster. Again, I purchased realizing this, but what upset me is that selections such as "Do You Wanna Dance", "You Baby", "Dancing Bear", "No Salt On Her Tail", "Look Through My Window", "Glad to Be Unhappy", "Twist and Shout", and "My Girl" are NOT, included in this collection. Is Amazon to blame here? I wonder where they got such erroneous tracklisting information?"


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ian says

"This company may have good products but my experience of the the website was awful. I tried to make an order online and twice got thrown out on payment. Even though i used cards with large amounts of cash or credit. I then tried to complain and got thrown out as my complaint wasn't correct!! Work that one out? There is no box to fill with your actual complaint just prepared Q@As that as you know never answer your problem. I then searched in vain for a phone number. eventually found it on a Google search not on their website. I then phoned in my order. All went well and a very helpful person on the call. When i told her about my complaints about the website she told me she hears this all the time from clients. She passes through the complaints and the company does nothing!! Says it all really. Lets see how the goods are."

Ana Barinova says

"I have ordered a bouncer online and paid with gift card that I got on Christmas. I’ve received an email next day that the transaction didn’t go through so I need to contact them. They had provided me an email with automatic reply and a number. I’ve tried to reach them every day but the phone was keeping me on the hold ages. In the end, I still can’t pay for my bouncer as slowest customer service ever can’t pick up that stupid phone and reply to emails. Shame. I hope you will become bankrupts"

Becky Shepherd says

"They displayed the same product on the website twice. Once 50% off abs once full price. They didn’t let me purchase at the reduced price! I really wanted the product so I bought it at full price two weeks ago. I chased the order yesterday with no response, I receive the parcel today with a next day delivery stamp and the postage date as yesterday. Doubt it would’ve been sent if I hadn’t had chased it! They ought to be careful, the other big industry player went under and if they carry on conning people like this, they’ll be next. New mums stick together and bad press will spread like wildfire. The right thing to do would be to refund me the 50%."

Pavel Kozlov says

"They didn't allow me to order online and pay with foreign credit card without good reason. Total nonse."

Yvonne Waterfield says

"I really hope mamas and papas sort out their staffing in the customer service sector. It is near to impossible to get through to anyone. I had to message on a post on Instagram to get a response. I ordered a footmuff for my pram joe that winter is here and LO has outgrown his pramsuit. It’s -2•c outside!! I ordered over a week ago and haven’t even got as little as a delivery date. Just an email confirmation to say that they will be in contact soon with a deliver date. Beyond furious! With COvid the only thing we get to look forward to is a family walk. My LO is tired of being wrapped up to the point he can’t move, he’s only 4months. Such a shame as the products are great!"

Banan says

"Doesn’t even deserve the star !! THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !! ABSOLUTELY AWFUL !! I made an order and I was charged from the bank; the first surprise was they charged me extra.. the second surprise was that the order wasn’t even placed !! I contacted the customer service immediately and gave them all the needed information and the person said they will call me back… I waited 4 days and called back because no-one called me.. the lady who answered this time told me that the finance team hasn’t looked at my matter yet and told me they will call me back.. of course no-one did.. so I called back 7 days later.. the guy who answered was rude as hell and told me the problem is from the bank and I should contact the bank to cancel the transaction.. WHY THE HELL DID THEY KEEP ME WAITING FOR 12 DAYS WHILE THEY COULD HAVE TOLD ME THIS AT THE BEGGING !!! AN ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME !! STOP TAKING COSTUMERS MONEY AND CHARGING THEM EXTRA IF YOU CANT FULFILL THE ORDERS.. AND FOR THE COSTUMER SERVICE TEAM THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL AND DON’T HAVE MANNERS !!!"

Corsica13 says

"Mamas and Papas used to be a good and reputable company pre-covid and I'm a reasonable person, so I completely understand if things may be difficult with staffing and everything that's going on! HOWEVER - STOP taking customer's money if are unable to fulfil or respond to customer queries and issues. It completely appears as though this company is going under and likely taking as much of it's customer's money as possible before it does so. My advice - STAY AWAY! I've been trying to reach M&P since beginning of December 2020, I did manage to get through to someone (James) just before Christmas with a promise to have a call back within 24-48 regarding a car seat that is currently putting my child at risk!!! (BTW - If anything happens to my child during this time, as I'm yet to have a call back, I will be seeking legal action!). I'm contemplating this at the moment due to the safety of the car seat is having, we're very worried about our child's safety. The only factor that has made this less urgent than it should be, is that we're in a National lockdown. Regardless of that I've made numerous attempts to call M&P customer service waiting on the phone 1hr at a time multiple times and also contacted through their 'Email Us' section and no response whatsoever! Absolutely shocking! M&P - "PULL YOUR FINGER OUT" or stop trading!"

Melissa Hunt says

"Shocking customer service. 8 week delivery and the wrong itens"

Pamela says

"Doesn’t even deserve one star!! Customer service is absolutely awful, myself and my partner have spent well over £3000 online/in store over the last 6 months. Every order I’ve had delivered so far has been late/missing items. Takes at least 30 mins to get through to customer services and they don’t seem to have a timescale to respond to emails and when they finally do it’s a half hearted response, they also don’t seem to have a complaints policy to follow. They confirm delivery date of order in store or online then don’t even bother to contact you to let you know you will not receive item or when you finally will receive it. Unfortunately I bought my pram through them which is due for delivery on 26th January (4 weeks before my due date) no doubt there will be issues with this too."

Holly Hirst says

"Ordered Christmas PJs for my young son on 9th November. They had still not arrived by January! There was no response to my emails and I had to open a PayPal dispute in order to receive a refund. This store is a classic case of style over substance."

Monika Leszczewicz says

"I ordered the car seat on 25th November, emailed customer service on 29th December to ask why still has not received my item. The lady informed me that they having delays with the stock and they are accepting to have the car seat on 19th April. Joke"

Liza jane says

"Overpriced, poor quality, tone weight even though states (light weight) occaro brought for a premature baby, birth weight 1lb 13oz discharge weight 4lb 13oz after couple of weeks of using pram, wheels started to wear very quickly even though my baby only weighed just over 2 bags of sugar, wheels should never have worn that quick, I live in the city, rain cover split after first use costing me another £40 for a replacement, on top of the £1300 that I paid for carry cot, car seat, stroller bit, and drinks holder. No footmuff included in that price. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!"

Mohamed Zemni says

"I gave one star but not deserved. My wife placed order early December and the delivery was expected to be between 21-23 of December. We did not receive it yet. We contacted the customer service but no answer."

Ellie Needham says

"My husband and I placed orders for an 8 piece pushchair/pram set, a bedside cot, car seats and bits to go with the car seats. Both orders were placed in early December for delivery on the 22nd of December. On the 22nd 3/8ths of the pushchair/pram set was delivered along with the bedside cot. The remaining 5/8ths of the pushchair/pram set, the car seats and the bits to go with it were not sent. They were not even given to the delivery company and we didn't know they weren't coming until the driver turned up at 4pm without them. After some back and forth with M&Ps the next morning we were informed the remainder of the items would arrive that day. So my husband had another day off work (not for free!) to wait in. This time the remainder of the pushchair/pram set and the car seats arrived but not the rest of the delivery. It's now the 28th of December and M&Ps have no idea if and when they will ever dispatch the rest of our order. But very kindly have kept our money in the meantime. Their communication was appealing, they don't answer their phones or emails and the Facebook messaging service can't help. They can pass your details on to someone who phones back 2 days later! There was no communication or apology as to why they failed to ship our order or why we are still missing items. No recompense for a lost day at work or the fact we will have to wait in again at some random point in the future for a third delivery, assuming they ever bother with it. After spending almost £2000 with them I'm gutted I didn't take my business elsewhere."

DM says

"We went for a personal shopper experience at the Wednesbury store and it was awful. The first question we were asked before anything else was ‘are you buying today or just looking’. No building rapport or qualifying our needs there then. We were convinced that the person looking after us was sexist as she would only address my partner and not me and she was snappy and short when answering my questions. She showed us a product, the Mamas and Papas own brand Ocarro buggy, and when we enquired on other buggy’s we were told it was pointless looking at them as they weren’t as good. We wanted to look a different one, an £800 travel system, and the assistant referred to it as cheap and said ‘we only stock it as mothercare closed down’. She took it off the shelf so we could push it and see how it felt a poorer quality to the Ocarro. If a product isn’t good why are you stocking it? It also just happens to be the best rated travel system by Mumsnet. But what do they know eh? We were so disappointed by our treatment, my partner had been really looking forward to going to this and she left upset and disappointed. I will now actively not recommend M&P to my friends and family. So we bought the ‘cheap and poor quality’ travel system from John Lewis instead. Their advisor listened to us and convinced us it would fit our needs."

Sarah says

"Considering they're a reputable well known big brand my experience with this company has been far from what you would expect. We ordered from them in the first lockdown in June, unable to go to any shops physically we wanted to ensure our nursery furniture would have been of good quality. Having spoken to friends who've used this company before we decided that they seemed the best so ordered our products. They came within the right amount of time but then our products were placed in storage at my parents as our baby was not due for awhile and our house purchase fell through so we did not have a nursery to set up anymore. In November however we finally got our home and were very excited to put up our furniture only to find that the changing table/drawers set is faulty and the changing top counted does not at all fit to the furniture and that the mattress one of their assistants advised us to buy for our cot through their online shopping advice is completely the wrong size for our cot!!!!! This is still in the packaging we are desperate to send this back and to get the corrective prices for our dresser so our nursery can be complete but this company are impossible to get through too. Phone lines have outrageous waiting times no matter what time of day you call, this is impossible to manage with a new born baby, ive called countless times and not once have I been successful in getting through. I went through their virtual assistant again and she only sent me straight back to their phone number and was unable to advise me or give me any help?!!! I've emailed and only had one response asking for information I'd already provided ie postcode, phone number, email address and my full name nothing to do with my complaint only to recieve no response again. Not being. A tweeter usually I've tweeted them 3 times to try and get some attention to the fact that my complaints being ignored and this again has come to no avail despite them responding to other tweets??? I also submitted an online response to them when the order first arrived which to this day has never been responded too, regarding the quality of the moses basket and moses basket mattress i ordered due to chipping paint as soon as it came out of the box and what looked like a stained mattress but due to needing it I decided not to chase the matter. Overall we are so disappointed, we wanted our nursery to be perfect and feel this company have ruined it with their incompetent customer service, the products themselves would be brilliant if I'm full working order and of the right size. Looks like we will never resolve this though, we iwll be looking to go to some customer dispute watchdog about the complete lack of customer service following purchase it's just not on. Use covid as an excuse as much as you like but clearly mamas and papas you are doing something wrong!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alan says

"Usually a good experience with M&P's, but..... I made an order on the 5th December, to be delivered on the 18th December. I contacted them after nothing was received on the 18th, and was told that the delivery date had been changed, and the earliest I could get it was the 31st December. Considering I needed the car seat over the holiday period, I now don't have one, and have to make other arrangements. If I was at least told that the date had been changed by such a significant amount of time, I could have made arrangements sooner"

Sam says

"I've only ever ordered 2 things from M&P and both times I had issues. I ordered a dresser changer in white. The delivery driver delivered it to the wrong house. I finally got it 2 weeks later than my requested delivery day. Then when we did put it together, we realised it wasn't even white. It was more of a cream. The second time I ordered something it was out of stock online but there was one left in stock at a store near my parents house, so I paid for it on line as click and collect. The email said it would be ready within an hour... My parents went to collect it the next day and it wasn't in stock and wouldn't be until 2 months... Apparently I can't ask for a refund on line either. So misleading. I wont be ordering anything online from them again."

Janet Taylor says

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